Synchronize/Backup file and mail between PCs by HDD, USB disk, Net drive and FTP with security features!

 BestSync Folder Synchronizer


Shell Extension

A Windows Shell Extension. Allow filtering when you copy, move, delete, or compress files and directories.


BestSync 2008 Version History

   BestSync® 2008

  • Ver3.7.26
  • Bug Fix: When the sync-direction is from Folder2 to Folder1, and the files are set to be synchronized to a flat folder, only the root folder was synchronized.
  • Ver3.7.25
  • Bug Fix: The month field of the file timestamp of some ftp servers were added 1, for example January was set to February.
  • Ver3.7.24
  • Bug Fix: Failed to create the encryption engine when the OS has not install the "Microsoft Strong Encryption Provider (128 BIT)".
  • Bug Fix: The text of the context menu of the shell extension was empty in English OS.
  • Improvement: Added 256 color icons.
  • Ver3.7.23
  • Bug Fix: Files were not to be copied when sync-direction is from Folder2 to Folder1 and the mode is monitoring change.
  • Ver3.7.22
  • Bug Fix: Failed to create the encryption engine when the machine level key-container has already existed in the system.
  • Ver3.7.21
  • Bug Fix: The project name was not displayed on the caption bar.
  • Bug Fix: When a preview is start from the Windows Shell, it caused exception error when it is closed.
  • Other minor improvements. 
  • Ver3.7.18
  • Bug Fix: A folder were not  synchronized when there are only  renamed files.
  • Other minor improvements. 
  • Ver3.7.17
  • Bug Fix: The start timing of tasks which are scheduled to start at every weekday were not correct when the date crosses Dec 31st. 
  • Ver3.7.16
  • Improved the speed of the FTP LIST command when connect with the server by active mode.
  • Ver3.7.15
  • Bug Fix: The "full backup" option was not available in the preview window.
  • Bug Fix: The "Application" settings were not displayed correctly when the task wizard is setup again.
  • Ver3.7.13
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused exception error when the file list returned from the FTP server includes a file or folder name that is empty (length is 0).
  • Ver3.7.12
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused exception error when there were useless old broken files.
  • Ver3.7.11
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that a task would remain running and can not be stopped if the user pressed the "Stop task" button when the task was in the scanning the files.
  • Improvement: BestSync can manage the time-stamp of remote files even though the LIST command of the FTP server only includes the date info in the time stamp.
  • Ver3.7.09
  • Improvement: Improved the stability to synchronize with ftp server on slow network.
  • Ver3.7.08
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that would create an deleted folder over and over again in bi-directional real-time synchronization.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that might corrupt the file on FTP server when upload file to FTP server under am unstable network.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that might rename file incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that the task-tray icon lost response after it is animated.
  • Improvement: Modified the mirroring mode, the new mode allowed the old source file to overwrite a newer target file.
  • Improvement: Implemented a more reliable way to resume file transfer from the last broken point. And the delete the useless broken file automatically.
  • Improvement: Implemented a new method to manage the timestamp of the FTP files.
  • Improvement: Improved the preview window that will continue the synchronization, when a drive is not mounted before the preview window is started, and the drive is mounted during the preview window is opening.
  • Ver3.7.02
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that the shell extension could not encrypt and decrypt files.
  • Ver3.7.01
  • Improvement: Added ftp codepage conversion support.
  • Improvement: Supported long file name up to 32768 characters.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that may cost file lost when use real-time monitoring feature.
  • And other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Ver3.6.20
  • Bug Fix: In real-time synchronization, when the network source PC shutdowns and restarts, the synchronization is not recovered from the restart.
  • Ver3.6.19
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the bug that caused a new project not to be loaded automatically at next run time.
  • Ver3.6.18
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the scheduler, the bug caused the tasks to be not started in the specified timing.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that causes the exception error when a renamed file is synchronized at next scheduled timing.
  • Improvement: Improved the response in the General Page of the Wizard when input the network folder manually.
  • Improvement: When the drive is not ready or the network folder is not connected, log the error and send the error by the email.
  • Improvement: Add command line to start specified task as Windows service, or stop specified task that is running as Windows Service.
  • Ver3.6.14
  • Bug Fix: A bug that may block the FTP client function.
  • Improvement: Add task description, add an option to display the task description in the task list.
  • Improvement: Add an option to backup all the files in the specified time range.
  • Improvement: Copy the hidden and read-only attributes from source file, and preserve the hidden and read-only attributes of the target file.
  • Ver3.6.08
  • Bug Fix: Exception error occurred when compress a large compressed file.
  • Bug Fix: Exception error occurred when list files in the FTP server.
  • Bug Fix: Restore feature does not function correctly.
  • Improvement: Add the auto-response feature when windows query BestSync to end session at shutdown or log-off.
  • Ver3.6.06
  • Bug Fix: Files are not synchronized if the target folder is not exist. (From Ver3.6.02).
  • Bug Fix: Preview does nothing if the task is already scheduled in the queue. (From Ver3.6.02).
  • Bug Fix: Some times the time stamp of the file in the FTP server is not parsed correctly.
  • Ver3.6.04
  • Fixed a bug that caused exception error when it searches new version on the website.
  • Ver3.6.03
  • Fixed a bug in the log view that caused restoring file to original folder failed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused activating license failed with exception error under unstable network.
  • Ver3.6.02
  • Add a general option to run the scheduled tasks sequentially.
  • Add a general option to hide the “Start” button in the main toolbar, to avoid the miss-operation.
  • Add an option to the "log" wizard page, to export only failed items to the log file.
  • Improved the saving and opening process of the setting file, to prevent the setting file from being crashed, and recover from a crashed setting file by the backup setting file automatically.
  • Improved the browser dialog box for selecting the excluding folder in the “My documents” under Windows VISTA.
  • Improved the scanning routine to avoid the file lost when the drive or network is disconnected during the scanning.
  • Improved the notification window, to display multiple notification windows when multiple tasks are running simultaneously.
  • Ver3.5.15
  • Improved the preview to display items in color by sync direction.
  • Fixed a bug when wrote registry in Windows VISTA.
  • Ver3.5.14
  • Improve the FTP performance.
  • Enabled the free license to synchronize folders at start.
  • Fixed the bug that if user switched an user account, BestSync failed to create the encryption engine.
  • Fixed the bug (from ver3.5.12) that BestSync failed to synchronize files with encryption feature under Windows VISTA.
  • Fixed some other bugs (Command line, filtering setting etc).

  • Ver3.5.11
  • Used a new logo icon .
  • Improved the shutdown process, popup message to ask whether to stop the synchronization when Windows is shutting down and BestSync is synchronizing files.

  • Ver3.5.10
  • Improved the installer when run under Windows VISTA.
  • Prevent the main application from starting multiple times under Windows VISTA.
  • Fixed a bug that the log view did not export the log data.
  • Ver3.5.09
  • Minor improvement for the activation process.
  • Ver3.5.08
  • Fixed a bug that caused exception error when there is file to be renamed.
  • Ver3.5.07
  • Fixed a bug in the file excluding engine that caused all the file be excluded if the FTP folder is the root folder.
  • Fixed a bug that caused exception error when synchronizing with FTP server.
  • Ver3.5.06
  • Improved the performance of  the Volume Shadow Copy Feature.
  • Ver3.5.05
  • Improved the real-time synchronization feature.
    Fixed the bug that the real-time synchronization may cause file lost in some cases. For example, When Microsoft Word opens, edits, saves a document, and continues to edit the document.
  • Improved the installer to ensure the BestSync Service be uninstalled at uninstall time.
  • Implemented the license activation mechanism.
  • Ver3.4.15
  • Improved the scheduler and the preview window.
  • Ver3.4.14
  • Bug fix, BestSync is not set to auto start after install.
  • Ver3.4.13
  • Bug in the French version that "Mirror Mode" can not be selected.
  • Ver3.4.12
  • Improved the exclusion function. Now BestSync 2008 can exclude sub-folders that include specified sub-strings. Also the virtual folders such as "My Pictures" can be excluded from the "My Documents" folder.
  • Ver3.4.11
  • Improved the scheduler.
  • Eliminated the possibility that may truncate the file when send file by FTP.
  • Fixed the bug that may cause failure when copy locked file.
  • Ver3.4.07
  • Bug Fix: Can not decrypt file from the windows shell. this is a bug from Ver3.4.06.
  • Ver3.4.06
  • Bug Fix: General Wizard Page did not get the device id string when the folder paths are edited by keyboard input.
  • Ver3.4.05
  • Bug Fix: Exception error happens when preview a task with VSS.
  • Ver3.4.04
  • Improvement: Support the combination of real-time sync and bi-directional sync.
  • Improvement: Support the combination of  copying locked/opened file and real-time sync.
  • Improvement: Add a test dialog box to test the SMTP and POP3 setting.
  • Other improvements.
  • Ver3.3.03
  • Fixed the problem that the installer interrupted before completion.
  • Bug Fix: When run as service, BestSync can not log CSV/HTML file correctly.
  • Ver3.3.02
  • Bug Fix: When run as service, BestSync can not get the time stamp of FTP file correctly, this causes all the files to be synchronized.
  • Improvement: Improved the action of the horizontal scrollbar of the Preview and Log view.
  • Fixed the problem that the installer interrupted before completion.
  • Ver3.3.00
  • Improvement: Support the real-time bi-directional  synchronization. And other improvements.
  • Ver3.2.07
  • Bug Fix: The POP3 server address of the e-mail setting in the global option dialog box is not displayed correctly. It causes the POP authentication can not be performed correctly.
  • Ver3.2.06
  • Bug Fix: Backup files are not encrypted if the original files are in Folder2.
  • Bug Fix: File tree of the LogView is not displayed correctly.
  • Ver3.2.05
  • Bug Fix: FrontPage publishing function does not filter file correctly.
  • Improvement: Support MUI language packs of OS.
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack;
  • Ver3.2.03
  • Bug Fix: Exception error occurs when a Free License user try to use expired advanced feature.
  • Ver3.2.02
  • Bug Fix: The register button is missing under Windows 2000.
    Installer improvement, no need .NET framework 2.0 now.
  • Ver3.2.01
  • Bug Fix: "tmpmdmt*.htm" file is remained after synchronization.
    Bug Fix: The starting minute of the every hour schedule is always 0 minute.
  • Installer improvement for Windows VISTA.
  • Ver3.2.00
  • Improvement:
    Add hot key support;
    Add French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Language Pack;
    Support long file path up to 2048 characters.
  • Bug Fix: Exception error when list files in some FTP servers.
  • Ver3.1.16
  • Bug Fix: Application locks when close the preview window occasionally.
  • Ver3.1.15
  • Bug Fix: Exception error happens while rename files.
  • Ver3.1.14
  • Improvement: Fix the timeout problem when BestSync list file on some FTP server.
  • Bug Fix: When a removable media is mounted to a different drive number, BestSync can not detect the change correctly.
  • Ver3.1.13
  • Bug Fix: SyncDiff.exe can not be started.
  • Bug Fix: Exception error happens when encryption feature is used in trial period.
  • Ver3.1.12
  • Improved FTP performance while listing remote file.
  • Ver3.1.11
  • Let "Basic License" to sync with removable media when it is inserted.
  • Support FTP proxy which has virus scanning function.
  • Ver3.1.10
  • Bug fix:  Close the preview window while it is synchronizing file may cause exception error.
  • Bug fix:  Some tool button of preview window does not action correctly.
  • Ver3.1.09
  • Supports Windows VISTA/XP/2000/Server2003.
  • Adds following new features:
    Synchronize with FTP server with encryption and compression option; 
    Support FTP proxy to synchronize file behind firewall;
    Synchronize with FTP server even though the server does not support the timestamp modification command.
    Resume from last break point to copy large file in unstable internet environment; 
    Backup updated file/full files with encryption and compress feature;
    Automatically clear old versions and log data by option;
    Restore backup file easily by LogView;
    Send log data by email;
    Support add-on DLL, etc.
  • Improves the user interface and add new commands to the preview window and LogView.

BestSync Previous Versions (BestSync Folder Synchronizer)

  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003


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