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Shell Extension of "Encrypt&Compress","Decrypt & Decompress"

Shell Extension

When BestSync is installed, a shell extension is also installed into the Windows Explorer. The extension adds a context menu "Encrypt or Decrypt" to the Windows Explorer, let the user to encrypt and decrypt files conveniently.

When files are to be encrypted or decrypted, simply select them in the windows explorer, and click the mouse's right key, then the context menu is shown, just select the "Encrypt or Decrypt" menu, the "Encrypt or Decrypt" dialog box pops up.


This is the folder where the files are to be encrypted or decrypted.

To specify the folder, you can select in the combo box, input by keyboard, browser by browse button or drag & drop from the shell.

"File Types":

Designate filtering patterns of the file name. You can select the predefined file types in the combo box.

Please look at here about how to designate filtering patterns.

By pressing Browse file types button, "Select file types" dialog box is shown. The dialog box will search the two folders and list all the extensions in two folders. You can select file types by check the file extensions.

"Include subfolders":

Put a check in this box, to synchronize file in all the sub-folder.

"Exclude the designated types":

If a check is the check "Exclude the designated types"" is put in, it will except from the file which copies the file of the kind specified to be a "file kind."

"Don't compress following file types:"

The designated file types are exclude from compress objects. But they are still encrypted. Because the compressed file types such as "*.lzh;*.zip;*.mpg" need not to be compressed again.

"Password Hint":

Hint sentence for remember the password. When a password is required to input, the hint is show.

"Encrypt Password", "Confirm Password","Remember Password":

Set the password for encryption and decryption. If "Remember Password" is checked, the password is remembered, and the password will not be required when synchronization is performed. For security reason, please don't remember the password.

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