Backing up files with 0 (Zero) bytes

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Backing up files with 0 (Zero) bytes

Post by Jonask »

When using the Bestsync x64 2010 on a Windows 2008 R2 I get problems backing up empty files.
The application just ignores them and adds an error in the log. When I used the 2009 version it worked fine.

Extract form the log file :
1==>2,\Srvprogram\SISS\sissform.dat, 2004-06-02 15:45:30,0,Failed:Felaktig parameter.
(Felaktig parameter is in Swedish and translated means "wrong parameter")

How can I get the application to move these as well?

// Jonas
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Re: Backing up files with 0 (Zero) bytes

Post by RiseFly »

Thank you for reporting this bug. The bug has been fixed, please download the new version 5.4.12 from our website.
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