BestSyncExt.dll failed to register (V5.0.52)

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BestSyncExt.dll failed to register (V5.0.52)

Post by wtimmer »

When upgrading BestSync 2010 English Version 5.0.38 (32 bit) to Version 5.0.52 I get the following message:

Module C:\Program Files\RiseFly\BestSync 2010\BestSyncExt.dll failed to register.
HRESULT -2147319779. Contact your support personnel.

BestSync is running on a Windows 2000 guest with all updates applied under VMware Workstation version 6.5.3.

Any suggestions ?

I use BestSync to backup all my video's, pictures and other important data through the internet to a another physical location and it works great. Until now that takes about 300 Gb of data and around 40.000 files.

Regards, Wim.
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Re: BestSyncExt.dll failed to register (V5.0.52)

Post by RiseFly »

BestSyncExt.dll is the DLL for Windows shell extension, that provides the context menu in WIndows Explorer for encrypt or decrypt files conveniently. Because the shell of Windows 2000 is old, and it does not supply the interface that is used by BestSync, so the register fails. If you do not use the "Encrypt or Decrypt" context menu in Windows Explorer, this error does not affect the sychronization feature of BestSync.
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