Synching hangs

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Synching hangs

Post by StudioEppelt »

Hello, I´ve installed Ultimate in German Version 5.4.13 (64Bit) on a Vista 64 System ( SP2 ).
I synchronise one Folder with a Network Drive ( Suse Linux ) in the beginning it worked well, but meanwhile it stopps during sychronising. Actual the TaskList.fsf stays at 29.89% and nothing goes on. When I stopp the job and restart it sometimes it synchronise all changes, sometimes it hangs up again. The Log Shows no error. I´ve already deleted and reconnected the network drive, set up the task new , it doesn´t help. I also changed the way ( no automatic connection, not as service ) how Bestsync should work. No advantage. I´ve the identical task on a second machine running under Win 7 (64bit) it works great.
Any idea? Thank you Christian I tried to upload fsf or fsi - didn´t work is not allowed.

APP:2010/09/20-08:56:47,Skip running task [delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress ==> Y:\ad_in-progress]. (Already running.)
-> manually stopped and restarted by myself : APP:2010/09/20-18:38:05,Stop Monitor-C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:05,Monitor sync: C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\, Processed 2 changes.
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:05,Monitor is ending-C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:05,Task Result: C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\ (Success=0, Failed=1)
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:05,End Task -C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:15,Start task:C:\delta_arbeiten\delta_in-progress\ ==> \\ALPHA\alpha_daten\ad_in-progress\
APP:2010/09/20-18:38:15,Start task manually.
and hangs again on task - at 65% ..
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Re: Synching hangs

Post by RiseFly »

We do not know the casue of this problem at the current stage. may be it is related to the Network Drive ( Suse Linux ) .
Please uncheck the "Process multiple files simultaneously..." option in the "Copy Options" property page, to see if this problem ccan be avoided.
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