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Q&A about BestSync license


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If I buy multiple licenses, can I get one license code for multiple licenses?

Yes, if you buy multiple licenses with the same register mail address, you will get the same license code. Our web database managers the license number related to the mail address.

Can I move the license from an old PC to a new?

Yes, you can move the license from an old PC to a new PC by following steps:
1. Deactivate the license on the old PC first.
2. Activate the license on the new PC.

Does the license ever expire?

The license will not expire on the major version that you ordered, but the license will be downgraded 1 rank on next 2 major versions, and downgraded 2 ranks on next 3 major versions, and so on.
For example, you ordered Business License of BestSync 2022, the license never expires on BestSync 2022 and 2023, but it will be downgraded to Premium License of BestSync 2024, and downgraded to Basic License of BestSync 2025. Basic License will never be expired on all BestSync versions.
We're adding more features, improving functions and fixing bugs when upgrade BestSync to new major version. Please keep your BestSync being updated.
We'll keep the old major versions be available on the download page about 10 years after the release year. If the old version is not available, please update to new major version.

How to upgrade from old version license to new version license, or lower license to higher license?

Please access this page for upgrading from lower License or old License

I have activated the license, Why the "Limited Features" dialog box still pops up?

It is because you have a lower license and you are using the features of the higher license. If you need not the higher features, you can ignore the warning by check the ?#8364;œDo not show this dialog box for this task.?#8364;?, and click the "continue" button. The dialog box will not show again.

I have activated the license, Why the license becomes free license?

Sometimes Windows update and antivirus software may clear the activated state of the license.
Please try the following steps to activate the license again:
(1)Exit BestSync Application.
(2)Stop antivirus software.
(3)Start BestSync Application by "Run as administrator" context menu of the BestSync desktop icon.
(4)Activate the license again.

If the PC have not internet access, how to activate the license?

You can use the e-mail activation to get the activation by e-mail. Or you can use following online form to get the activation data for the PC.

Web form for activating your license on line.

What's the difference between the Basic, Premium , Business, Ultimate and Portable License?

Please refer to this license and the features table.

Why BestSync says "Register code mismatch"  when I activate the license?

Please check whether the mail address input to the register dialog box is the mail address that you used when you buy the register code. You must use the mail address when you buy the register code. Because BestSync  generate the register code from your email address using English code page. If you have input the exact mail address and the error still happens. Try to copy the register code to the register code edit box, and use English IME to input your email address.

If the problem still exists, please exit BestSync and start it again. And try to activate the license again.

From Version, BestSync has used a new register code like "FT30-****". If you have an old register code begins "FT10-****", please contact risefly@risefly.com to request a new key code. If you are using a Version before version, please download the new version, and uninstall the old version and install the new version. The problem should be resolved.

I'm receiving the following error message when trying to register BestSync: "Writing register content failed, Register failed!". Why?

Please confirm that you have the administrator priority. After install, a user account can run BestSync also.
In the Windows VISTA, before input license code, please exit the main application first, and right click the main application exe, select "Run as administrator" to run the main application, then input the license key.
If the problem still exists, please download and reinstall the latest version.

What's the meaning of the error codes when activate license code.

-2: Rejected. The activating count is over the license count, please buy new license.

-3: No record in the database. Please buy the license or contact risefly@risefly.com

-4,-5:  Error when decrypt the data received from mail or web page. Please check if there are extra characters added by the mailer.

-13, -14: May be you are using the activating data of other PC. If you want to activate the license one PC (named THE_PC), you must send the activating data of THE_PC, and input the received data into THE_PC.

-1013: BestSync failed to write the activating data to the registry, please exit BestSync, and run BestSync by the administration privilege, and activate the license again.

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