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Steps to activate license for using advanced features

Press the Version Information button on the toolbar, the "Register BestSync" dialog box will pop up.

1. Buy License Code of BestSync

End-user License Agreement:

End-user License Agreement

List of the license types and features:

List of License Types and Features

Relation between the License number and Activation number:

(1) For the personal user:

The activation count of licenses is the number of licenses plus 1.
That is, if an user has 1 license, the user can activate it on 2 computers. If the user has 2 licenses, the user can activate them on 3 computers, and so on.

(2) For the business user, or user who belongs to an organization:

1 license can only be activated on 1 computer (including the virtual computer).

(3) About installation version and portable version:

The license of BestSync can be used on 32-bit / 64-bit installation version, or 32-bit / 64-bit portable version, only if the count of the computers or removable drives is the number of licenses plus 2.

Order License online:

To buy a license code, press this link "Buy License"(
Select the order links in the page, to order the license.

After you buy the license code, the online auto-registration system will send you the license code by e-mail in minutes. And the another e-mail auto-register system will send you the license code within 24 hours. If you do not receive the license code in 48 hours, please add "" to your spam mail filtering system, and contact

2. Activate the License on the local machine by the license code received from RiseFly

(1). Run BestSync as administrator:

Confirm if BestSync is started as Administrator. If BestSync is started as Administrator, there is "Admin" string in the tilte like the following bitmap.

confirm runnig as admin

If BestSync is NOT started as Administrator, please exit BestSync, then use administrator priviledge to start it again.

Run as adminstrator

(2). Click menu "Help/version information of BestSync"

The version information dialog box is shown.

(3). In the version information dialogbox, Click menu "Activate License" button.

The "Activate License" dialog box is shown.

(4). In "Activate License" dialogbox, input the following information.

Input the License code into the  License Code  edit box.

Input your name in the  Name  Edit box. The name string can be any string.

Input email address in the  Email Address  Edit Box.

NOTE: The email address must be the mail address in the license information email that you received after order the license code.

(5). Activate the license online or offline.

You can activate the license online or offline according to your network environment.

Activate by Web (online)

If your PC is connected to the internet, and you have setup the internet connection option of the Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can press the  Activate by Web  button to activate your license online automatically. If you meet any connection error, you can press the button again to retry.

The activation process sends the PC identification information such as the MAC address, HDD serial number etc to the database of, If your activated count is less than  or equal to the license quantity that you have bought, your activation is accepted. if the activated count has over the license quantity, the activation is rejected. Please buy more license or deactivate the license on other PC.

Activate by Mail (offline)

If your PC is not connected to the internet, you can press the "Activate by Mail:" button to activate your license manually. Follow this steps to activate the license by e-mail.

(6). After you registered this software, you can use the advanced features of the license.

NOTE:  If you have reinstalled the OS, or have lost the registration information, you need to activate the license again.

3. How to move the license to another PC?

If you want to move the license to another PC, please deactivate the license first on the activated PC, and activate the license on the target PC.

4. Q&A:

Any question, please view the Q&A page, or contact

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