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Synchronizing tools are extremely useful nowadays, especially with this huge technology diversity. There are so many different devices using different platforms that a powerful sync software is a "must have" (especially on a medium to large company).

Sync tools market is not that powerful as it should be. Of course, there are a few options there,but most of the sync applications are either expensive or poorly designed. When you choose such a software it is extremely important to know its capabilities; what it can do and what not.

You must also know that most of these products are limited. They can sync multiple devices and multiple platforms but usually, when it is about a relatively new device, these applications cannot properly sync. Maybe the best example is in mobile phones seg ment. There are old mobile devices that cannot be sync simply because the software itself cannot read them. Same goes with the new ones (or prototypes).

Finding the perfect sync tool is also a fight to find an affordable one.As you may know, most of these applications are more than expensive (mostly because they are created for corporate usage and prices are set based on that). A common user can€™t even dream to use a powerful sync software.

I was pleasant surprised to find out that there are a few options.Maybe one of the best choices is BestSync, a small but extremely powerful sync tool. BestSync comes with an affordable price and most important, with a simple and intuitive interface. It was designed for corporate usage but it can also be used by common users. This is a huge advantage.

From my point of view,BestSync is one of the best sync tools available at this point. It has some of the most important characteristics:it is fast, reliable, safe, easy to use and understand and affordable.