Screen Shots of the Wizard

Wizard: General

Setup two folders to be synchronised.

Select folder in file systems include FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Network shared folders, Cloud storage and Outlook etc.

Wizard: Backup

Wizard: Exclude or Include

Wizard: Filter (File by patterns and time)

Wizard: Copy Options (Scan multiple folders and copy multiple files simultaneously)

Wizard: Volume Shadow Copy (Copy open/locked file)

Wizard: Compress and encryption (Compress and encrypt file while synchronising file)

Wizard: Delete (Detect and resolve conflicts automatically)

Wizard: Schedule (Run task automatically)

Wizard: Log (Save the sync result, report the result by e-mail)

Wizard: Speed Control (Control FTP upload/download speed)

Wizard: Application (Run application or other task before or after synchronisation)