Amazon S3 Synchronization, and beyond..

Amazon S3 Synchronization, and beyond..

How to synchronize with Amazon S3 bucket

How to synchronize with Amazon S3 bucket


How to setup a task to synchronize with Amazon S3 bucket?

Setup Task to sync Amazon S3

1. Click explorer to select the local folder into the "Folder1" edit box.

2. Select the synchronization direction.

: One-way synchronize from Folder1 to Folder2.
: One-way synchronize from Folder2 to Folder1.
Two-way synchronization.

3. Click explorer to show the "Browse Folder" dialogbox to select the Bucket of Amazon S3 into the "Folder2" edit box.

(1). Select "Amazon S3" in the "File System" list.

(2). Setup the parameters for connecting to the Amazon S3 server.

Input "Access Key ID" (20 characters, like "AKIAXXXXXXXXXXXXTAUA".
Input "Secret Access Key ID" (40 characters, like "TmAi+xxxxxxXXXXXXXw/xxxxx/xxxxXXXXXXXFx9".

If http proxy is necessary in your network environment, please check "Use http proxy", HTTP proxy option dialog box is shown, you can setup the HTTP proxy settings in the dialog box.

If you need to set some customized meta data to the file after upload it to Amazon S3, press "Advanced" button to set the meta values.

(3). After setup the connection parameters, press "Go" button to connect to the Amazon S3, the browser begins to list the folders into the tree view.

The log window below the treeview logs all the commands sent to the server, and responses from the server. If the connection between BestSync and server can not be established successfully, please check the log.

(4). Select the folder in the tree view.

(5). Click "OK" button to end the dialog box

4. Press "Next" to set other options, or press "Finish" to end the task wizard.