BestSync version up history

BestSync version up history

Version History

Version History


BestSync 2015 Version History

square BestSync 2015 (Newest Versions)



  • 1.Fixed a bug when sending report email to some SMTP sever.
  • 2.Fixed a bug that synchronizing with Amazon S3 may fail if there are special characters in file name.


  • 1. Fixed a bug when synchronizing with the mounted network drive.


  • 1. Supported MD5 command when synchronizing with FTP sever.
  • 2. Other improvements..


  • 1. Fix the problem that resume-from-last-break-point do not work for Serv-U FTP sever.


  • 1. Bug fix: Failed to upload files that have special characters (such as %, space) in file name to cloud storage.


  • 1. Fixed a bug that SFTP can only synchronize 1021 files in one time synchronization for some SFTP sever.
  • 2. Fixed a bug that the real-time synchronization may not synchronize the folder structure correctly if the FTP sever does not support full path.
  • 3. Other improvements.


  • 1. Fixed a problem that in low system memory state (especially in 32bit version), there was a risk that synchronization may delete file.


  • 1. Supported Amazon Authentication Version 4 when synchronize with Amazon S3.


  • 1. Fixed a bug that exception error happened when check for new version in 64bit version.


  • 1. Fixed a bug in the real-time synchronization feature.


  • 1. Fixed a bug that exception error happened when multiple tasks were started.
  • 2. Fixed a bug that files might be deleted in bi-direction real-time synchronization.


  • Fixed a bug that may cause file be deleted in bi-direction synchronization and real-time option is selected.


  • Fixed a bug that may cause the exception error when real-time sync task is running.


  • Fixed a bug that the desktop icon was not installed for all the users.
  • Fixed a bug that the license was displayed as the free license when windows limited users and standard users account logon.
  • Use a new version of SFTP library, and fixed some SFTP problems.


  • Fixed a problem that "Failed: The system cannot find the path specified." error may happen when synchronizing file because BestSync can not access the temporary folder.


  • Fixed the problem that "Write registry error" may happen when activate the license.


  • Fixed the problem that BestSync may not be started automatically after reinstall to a different folder.


  • Improved the Google Drive synchronization feature, now BestSync can synchronize files that have been modified on Google Drive by online applications.


  • Fixed a bug when synchronize with Google Drive.


  • Added a new feature to synchronize file with Android device. how to...
  • Fixed some bugs that cause memory leak.
  • Fixed some bugs that may cause buffer overflow exception error.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause all the files be transferred again at the next synchronization when "Only scan the source folder..." in "Filter" setting is checked.
  • Fixed some bugs in FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that temporary files may remain if their lengths of the extension are not 3 characters.
  • Fixed a bug when display the transferring progress of a huge file in the preview window.
  • Added an "OAuth login" button for setup the folder of Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Improved the renaming function that can rename files to a sub-folder.
  • Improved the performance of synchronization.
  • Other many improvements.

BestSync Old Version History

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2014 Version 9.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2013 Version 8.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2012 Version 7.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2011 Version 6.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2010 Version 5.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2009 Version 4.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2008 Version 3.x)

square BestSync Old Versions (BestSync Folder Synchronizer Version 2.x)