BestSync version up history

BestSync version up history

Version History

Version History


BestSync 2016 Version History

square BestSync (Newest Versions)



  • Fixed a problem that file time may not be copied correctly for some FTP sever.
  • Fixed a bug that files may not be uploaded to WEBDAV sever and Windows Azure cloud sever correctly.


  • Fixed a bug that WEBDAV-Synchronization might not upload large files correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in multiple-threads-Synchronization.


  • Fixed a bug that may cause exception error when the task saves the log after the synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that the construct of the file tree may not be uploaded correctly if a FTP sever does not support full path in the command.


  • Improved the browsing dialogbox in "Exclude/include" setting to support OneDrive, Google Drive etc. cloud drive.
  • Improved the browsing dialogbox in "Exclude/include" setting to support unblocking user interface.


  • Fixed a bug that the pattern string of renaming rule was not loaded correctly if there are more than 10 wild card characters in the pattern.
  • Fixed a bug that the LogView failed to restore renamed files.


  • Fixed a bug that might cause exception error when synchronizes with some FTP sever.
  • Improved the filtering function when filer "*X.*" like pattern.


  • Improvement: Update the SFTP feature.


  • Fixed a bug that files in the FTP root folder could not be upload/download if the sever needs to change the current directory before operating on the sub-folder.
  • Improvement: Supported including/excluding wild-card patterns of the file name for designated sub-folders.


  • Fixed a bug that sending notification email might fail because it failed to login SMTP sever.


  • Fixed a bug in the Include/Exclude function, special combinations of exclusion setting may cause all the subfolders be excluded from the synchronization.


  • Fixed a bug in the Include/Exclude function, all the sub-folders may be excluded from synchronization if wild-card character is used in the excluding item.


  • Fixed a bug that "Failed: The system cannot find the file specified" happened when files with long file path (more than 150 characters) were copied to the network shared folder.
  • Other improvements.


  • Improvement: Supported copying permissions of subfolders.
  • Other improvements.


  • Increased the stability when synchronizing with cloud storage.
  • Fixed a bug that file name contains '~' or '%' may not be synchronized correctly with cloud storages, such as Amazon S3, Google Storage etc.
  • Fixed a bug that the file type filtering may not function in real-time synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that exception error happened when activate the license on the Portable version.
  • Other improvements.


  • Added a new feature to stop synchronization by a threshold of the percentage of the number of changed files.
    Used to protect your critical data from being kidnapped by ransomware.
  • Supported special characters in file name when synchronizing with cloud storages, such as Amazon S3, Google Storage etc.
  • Other many improvements.

BestSync Old Version History

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2015 Version 10.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2014 Version 9.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2013 Version 8.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2012 Version 7.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2011 Version 6.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2010 Version 5.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2009 Version 4.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2008 Version 3.x)

square BestSync Old Versions (BestSync Folder Synchronizer Version 2.x)