FileFilter shell menu

  Filter files by time, wildcard patterns, size
   Embedded in Windows Explorer!

FileFilter shell extension 

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Synchronize/mirror/backup Folders, FTP server, Encrypt USB disk (Removable Media) with preview and log-view.

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Transparency desktop note, schedule list; Variety recurrence patterns for almost any event reminder type; Variety alarm actions: Transparency calendar with Customizable anniversary and festival setting such as birthday, with an option of Chinese Lunar Calendar; Transparency analogue world time clocks, etc

FileFilter Shell Extension
Main Features

Insert a filtering context menu in the Windows Explorer, and support drag & drop operation .
File time and wildcard patterns can be used as filtering conditions. The wildcard patterns can be part of the file name, extension and wild card characters (*,?,#).
             For example, the typical filtering pattern of MS Office file will be:
Sub-folders and files can be specified to include or exclude from copy.
The history of filtering process can be logged as HTML file, and view by Internet Explorer.
Delete Invalid Files and Folders
Windows allows the creation of file names and folder names that can not be deleted or renamed via Windows Explorer.  This includes names with invalid characters and names that are too long. Just select the invalid files and folders in the Windows Explorer, and select the "Filter Delete..." context menu.  

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FileFilter Shell Extension
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FileFilter Shell Extension