BestSync 2019 version up history

BestSync version up history

Version History

Version History


BestSync Version History

square BestSync (Newest Versions)



  • Used a new version of SFTP library.
  • Fixed the bug that exception error may happen when synchronize with Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business if the Encription option is on, or there is renaming file rule.


  • Fixed a problem in "Exclude or Include" that wild-card pattern matching may not work in deep sub-folder.


  • Fixed a bug that OneDrive synchronization may fail to upload files to a new folder under the root folder.
  • Improved the check method to avoid deleting files if a task is started by the volume mounted.


  • Fixed a problem that renaming files is failed when the renaming target contains sub-folder.
  • Fixed a problem that long path (over 260 characters) files are failed to be synchronized under new Windows 10 system.

Ver Before

  • Fixed a bug that new files may not be synchronized if the task is one-way synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that caused deleted files be copied again to the target folder even "Do nothing"" mode is selected in the "Delete" option.
  • Fixed a bug that caused new files be deleted from the target folder when "Delete unchanged files in the target folder"" mode is selected in the "Delete file for saving spacee" option.
  • Improved WebDAV synchronization function to support downloading normal HTTP files through add HTTP files to the including list.
  • Implemented the new Graph API for supporting OneDrive (personal) Synchronization. Microsoft has changed the API, you must upgrade to this version to synchronize with OneDrive.
  • Fixed a bug in ZIP file synchronization that files may be synchronized again in the next synchronization.
  • Improved the file renaming process for renaming file only without copying the file.
  • Fixed a problem when synchronizing with OneDrive for Business.
  • BugFix: Fixed bug in Ver14.0.0.4 when processing the included folders.
  • Improvement: Added two renaming rules for replacing a set of characters or a sub-string in file name. Supported processing the renaming rule one by one.
  • Improvement: Add the included folders to the file tree if the task synchronizes with WebDAV/FTP/SFTP folder for supporting WebDAV/FTP/SFTP severs that do not support listing files and folders from the root folder.
  • Fixed a bug that files failed to be uploaded to / downloaded from cloud storage if their names contain "%%".
  • Sort sub-folders and files in Folder1 or Folder2 by time or size in the preview window.
  • Show the size of files and sub-folders by size bar in the preview windows.
    You can find which sub-folder uses the most space easily.
  • Set to exclude temporary folders and reparse point folders automatically if the one of the sync folders is the root folder of the system drive.
  • Supported copying Windows Symbolic-link and Junction etc reparse-point.
  • Added a link to install the differencing and merging tool WinMerge, and detect WinMerge and use it automatically.
  • Fixed a bug in the function of filtering file by specified time range.
  • Other many improvements.

BestSync Old Version History

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2018 Version 13.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2017 Version 12.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2016 Version 11.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2015 Version 10.x)

BestSync 2014 before versions are no long supported, please upgrade to the newest version.
BestSync has been improved very much from your old version. I recommend you to upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible for protecting you data and having a better experience.