BestSync 2020 version up history

BestSync version up history

Version History

Version History


BestSync Version History

square BestSync (Newest Versions)



  • Updated the decryption tool, and fixed the problem that the shell extension can not start the encryption and decryption tool from the Windows explorer.
  • Improved the inclusion and exclusion process.
  • Other improvements.


  • Fixed a bug that may cause exception error if "Include or Exclude" settings includes a file in root and excludes all other folders and files.
  • Improvement: Add a button for the administrator of an organization to configure consent to BestSync in the Folder Browser of OneDrive for Business.
  • Other improvements.


  • Improvement: Supported synchronizing with OneDrive's shared folders from others.
  • Other improvements.

Ver before

  • Fixed some problems when synchronize with IIS FTP and WebDAV.
  • Fixed a problem when synchronize with FileZilla FTP server using FTPS/FTPES.
  • Fixed a bug in WebDAV synchronization feature that caused failure when upload large files to WebDAV folder.
  • Improved the performance when a task synchronizes with Google Drive in real-time mode.
  • Improved the performance in the task preview. Avoided the "hang up" symptom in task preview when there are millions of files need to be synchronized.
  • Fixed a bug in WebDAV function that caused initialization failure.
  • Improved the hot state drawing in buttons of folder browsing dialogbox.
  • Fixed a bug that duplicated files may be created in Google Drive.
  • Reduced the memory usage in the log function.
  • Used a new version of SFTP library.
  • Fixed a problem that may create sub-folders end with "/" in some SFTP server.
  • Fixed a problem that WebDAV synchronization may not be able to list files in some WebDAV servers.
  • Improvement: Displays the countdown time to start the scheduled task.
  • Fixed a bug in FTP synchronization that may cause program crash during reconnecting with FTP server.
  • Improvement: Set encrypted file name in the encrypted zip file.
  • Added a new feature to encrypt the file by AES256 as the individual .zip file. This is very useful for synchronizing and encrypting files to cloud storage such as Google Drive, then view them from smartphone.
  • Improved the Include/Exclude engine for improving the performance when only listed subfolders are needed to be synchronized.
  • Fixed a bug in reading .ini setting files.
  • Implemented Microsoft Graph API to support synchronizing with OneDrive for Business.
  • Fixed the problem when the new version ports settings from BestSync 2011 before old versions.
  • Supported synchronizing with Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage, such as Storage Object of IBM Cloud Server.
  • Improved the import function for preserving the task ID.
  • Improved WebDAV synchronization to support downloading the huge file that is larger than 4GB.
  • Improved easy setting for downloading files from website, just paste the url of a web server to Folder Setting Edit Box, WebDAV browser will be started for synchronize with the Web Server; Select the text contains download links in web page from the browser, then press CTRL+V to paste the linked files into "Include and Exclude List".
  • Fixed a bug in the including and excluding engine, that excluding files may not be excluded correctly.

BestSync Old Version History

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2019 Version 14.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2018 Version 13.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2017 Version 12.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2016 Version 11.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2015 Version 10.x)

square BestSync Old Version (BestSync 2014 Version 9.x)

BestSync 2013 before versions are no long supported, please upgrade to the newest version.
BestSync has been improved very much from your old version. I recommend you to upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible for protecting you data and having a better experience.